Do You Want to be Part of the Elite 7?


Many of you have watched and listened and some of you are actively preparing.  There will soon be a group of leaders in our industry that are going to reshape our world starting with their communities first.  It will be a small group of people that are looking for God’s next Promotion.  WE as  a team will be diligent with what we have so we may open the door for his blessings for more, all the while understanding we have a responsibilityto help those around us.

To Become the best you can be Join the Elite 7 by sending an Email too  StacyDFI@gmail.com for an application.

What is the Elite 7?

Purpose – To refine ourselves to push ourselves to accomplish our very best.  We do not want to fail an opportunity for God’s promotion due to our own lack of effort.  We know that alone we are weak but together we are strong.

Expectations – Work like a professional always, doing what others aren’t willing to do.  We have been selected knowing that we are a different.  We are on a predetermined path and the outcome is known and there will be good days and bad days and no matter we will stay on our path.

Results- can truly on be created through activity.  Our activity must be constant and be in line with what we expect of a leader that we look up too.  We will accept accountability for our activity

Team-Work- is what holds us to a different level.  The Elite 7 is accountable to one another and we will strategically build leaders through our mutual efforts. 

Vision- Be a shining light on a hill, inspiring others the achieve Liberty through our example.  Liberty is earned it is not given.  We teach people what we have a accomplished and lead people to do what we are willing to do.  Influence comes through success, success creates influence for change.

If you are ready to rise up as a leader and do what others only talk about then get an application for the Elite 7 today. 

Send email to stacydfi@gmail.com

See You at the Top,
Stacy O’Quinn

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