Does Calling Leads from home really work?


I hear this question every once in a while from people in the home based business industry. Is it really a viable way to build an income? All I can say is yes and make that a resounding YES! I’ve built my entire income from calling leads. (As of this date I have not even gotten a lead from this blog that I’ve chosen to work with) In DFI “Decide Freedom” that’s all we teach! In my personal opinion I would say that there has to be 2 main factors to determining your success.

First and foremost ensure you are working with a reputable lead company or advertising firm. The bottom line is there are tons of companies out there that are not reputable. Two of the ones we use are http://www.dfileads.com/. I’m sure they may be others out there I just don’t know them. If you KNOW with out a shadow of a doubt that someone is creating an income with a specific lead source then use that one!!!

The most important factor about leads are, YOU MUST CALL THEM! I’m amazed how many people want to be in business and think that some how success is going to just fall out of the sky. IT doesn’t work that way. If you saw the video in the previous post, Dani mentioned God Blesses the WORK of our hand. You will break your neck for an employer why the heck will you not work for your self and be blessed in the process? Hello? Also don’t always buy cheap old leads or aged/shared stuff. You need to have serious people to talk to.

Don’t expect it to be easy (even if it is simple) Expect it to be worth it! Don’t by in to all this hype on the Internet about not having to call leads with this super duper guide or e book that will teach you all you need to know. The truth is that person is trying to make money in most cases because they did not diligently call their clients in the first place!

Good Luck,
Stacy O’Quinn

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