Don’t Be Lied to


So often people are misled when it comes to the idea of working from home.  They picture the mom smiling and working on her computer at the park as the kids are gleefully playing on the playground.  Or the guy on the beach with his feet propped up in his lounge chair and laptop once again smiling and living the life as the waves are crashing near by.

You should be able to spend time with your kids at the park and the beach.  You should be able to live an awesome life.  I completely agree with the concept of lifestyle design. (that is a post for another day)  The fact is while you can work from home, you have to make sure you are not be lied to.  It will take three things to succeed.  The first is money and time then you need solid training and finally a system that you can apply in your home and it’s worked for others that you can learn it from.

Let me start with the money one.  So often people say you don’t need money or you shouldn’t need money to work from home.  If you choose to work for someone else or if you choose to be self employed you will need to make an investment of both time and money if you ever really want to make it to the beach.

I covered this thoroughly in this article, read now.
You Should Not Pay to Work From Home!

Next let’s talk about the training.  There must be training in place that is solid and effective.  But what type of training is effective?  The type where someone is there one on one to help you and there are on going resources you can gain access to.  Not recordings of trainings from years ago.  But is there on going live, active trainings with people who want to help you succeed because someone has helped them.  Even if they don’t get anything out of it directly?

Here is an example of what solid training should be like, read and ask…
– Who is helping you?

Finally what is your system?  If you are going to work from home in any capacity you must understand even if you are employed what you have is a small business at your home.  There is an office, there are requirements to get an income and you have to interact with others.  Now if you are going to succeed or not largely determines if there is a straight forward system for you to follow.  Is there a recipe that others are using and have used?

Dani Johnson has talked about the need to follow a proven system. Read and see if you have one?
– Is it really simple?

At the end of they day you can definitely have the life that you want.  But don’t buy into the hype.  Don’t be lied to.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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