Dynasty with Dani Johnson and DFI


This weekend Dani Johnson will have her Dynasty advanced training seminar in Dallas TX. In just a few short minutes we will be driving there. It will be an amazing weekend! The training that will come out of this weekend will be unbelieveable! The skills that we’ve seen and growth from those that attend Dynasty with Dani Johnson you can’t really compare versus those who have not been through that advanced leadership development.

This weekend is going to be so dang fun! There will be over 30 of us from DFI and Coastal Travel at this event! Our team will continue to explode!!! Meeting each other and sharing strategies specific to our business is amazing plus, we get to connect with other top leaders in the home business industry. Leaders like Nate Ridgeway, Jodi Stot, Kimber King, Tom Challan, Jeff Usner, Jefferson Santos and many more!

This doesn’t include the Leaders that are kicking butt and taking names in DFI, many of them you will hear on training calls volunteering their time shareing what has worked. At Dynasty or any event you will meet Jackie O’Quinn, Renae Heikkila, plus Catherine Rupp, Cadie Kalmes Shawn Scheppele, Stephanie Johnson, Angela Lasher, Amanda Butler, Tina Cowan, Cindy Chamberlin, David Gregoria, Jennifer Murphy, Jill Albanys or any of our top leaders which is certainly a list too long to name them all here.

This weekend will be a complete BLAST! I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you!!!

To OUR Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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