Elite 7 has Kicked Off


Working from home is one of the most incredible opportunities ever.  Working with people who are passionate have vision, drive and desire makes just doing the work that much more fun.  This week the cream of the crop showed up for a very special event.  It was the launch of the Elite 7!  A group of ordinary people who have had some success but with specific strategies and working together they are about to have extraordinary results.

The Elite 7 will magnify our core values in DFI.  Integrity First, Team Always and Financial Freedom available to All.

Congrats to those who have stepped up to this level of committment.

1.  Hilary Snyder from CA a stay at home mom who works part time and so far her best weekend she made 6400 dollars

2. Jessica Fletcher from CA a stay at home mom that just recently had 5,200 dollar month working very part time

3. Jessica Wendelboe from AZ, a single mom with two small boys and has created a career working from home

4. Matt Pinter from IL has a background in mortage and banking and working part time in one month made 6400 dollars

5. Cindy Chamberlin from CA is a stay at home mom and a travel agent as well–since starting with our company in one year on a very part time basis she’s made 32,000 dollars in extra income

6. Michelle Tasoe in CA, another stay at home mom with one baby and actively looking forward till the day she has 2 babies.  Just over this past summer working on the side she made 20,000 dollars.

7.  Lynne Kessler-Fallon another stay at home mom from MN with purpose, drive, enthusiasim and professionalism.  She’s become an incredible inspiration to other moms and a dynmic leader.

Each of you as part of the Elite 7 has made an incredible committment; to yourself, each other and to those that need us.  It’s an honor to have been able to work with you so far and I look forward to the increase in income and results we will have enroute to helping 100 new people create a 7 figure income in the next 10 years.  We’ve learned the basics and now it’s time to step into the pros.

Good Luck,
Stacy O’Quinn

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