Every Lucrative Home Business Should be Simple


Let’s face it there are tons of people out there talking about being able to work from home.  They tell you about websites and there are 17 different ways to make money or build a lucrative home business.  But that fact is you don’t need 17 different ways.  You only need one that works.  Most people tell you there’s marketing but when you get going the marketing is just simply your friends and family.  God forbid you come from a struggling middle class family because your client or customer base probably isn’t that big.

The bottom line is this most companies on the Internet do not have a simple approach that could truly give you an above average shot at making a 6 figure income in one year.  IF THERE REALLY IS a simple system with a simple approach then the top income earner to the lowest income earner would all be following the same system.  The gap in income would primarily be the amount of time they’ve used what ever real “system” was in place.

Unfortunately most companies can’t really give you the ABC’s that you can apply like 123.  Most people can’t show you how to consistently generate and income and help others do it over and over again.  Honestly, when I first started working from home I couldn’t either.  Then I met Dani Johnson and learned her techniques.  Today I don’t reteach what Dani Johnson already teaches but I’ve prided myself on being a master at showing others how to apply what she teaches to the company I work with.  The same scripted process I use day in and day out following her scripts with a 4 step success system that’s allowing me to earn multiple 6 figures annually.

I can honestly say regardless of the vehicle you use or company you work with if you don’t have a system to drive it, it won’t go very fast.  Thank you Dani Johnson for giving me a system that has allowed me to build a lucrative home based business and travel around the world with my family.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Special Congrats to Aleathea Robertson – $9,705 in profit in the last two weeks
Valerie Parakin – $3,200 in profit in the last two weeks
Angela Lasher – $1,000 in profit in the last week or so
Jackie O’Quinn – $1,000 in profit in the last week or so
Michelle Mast – 10,705 profit in the last two weeks
Hilary Snyder – $1,000 profit in the last 10 days or so
Dianne McGuigian — roughly $50,000 in the last two months or so

P.P.S. This is based off of a few emails I’ve received in the last two weeks.  This isn’t all of them just the ones I remember.  But thank you to each of you for allowing me to be a small part of your success anyone working with you should know you clearly have a system!

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