Everyone Could Use a Mentor


Have you ever wanted something…  Wanted to learn a new skill or be really good at something.  Maybe it was business related, maybe it was family related and it could even be a hobby you wanted to get better at.  Or have you ever just wanted a change in your life but didn’t know how to get it?  Have you jumped out and did something abrupt on a whim only knowing you wanted some change in your finances or social life?  Maybe you moved across country or across town suddenly?  Maybe you switched jobs or careers almost instantaneously?

While it maybe true that if you want improvement in something you typically need to change something in your life.  How drastic it maybe and if that matters is not debatable. See the truth is someone has already made the change you seek to see.  All you have to do is find the one person to learn from and follow their example.  How do you know who is qualified for you to learn from?  Just follow their fruit, do they have or have they done what you want to do?

For me I’ve had several mentors in my life.  First my Dad he taught me how to be a man and how to love my wife.  I saw his example for 9 years of my life as he loved my mom.  Second, my brother Jackie O’Quinn because he has vision and desired to go after it while I often can get stuck in the moment.  Third Dani Johnson, Dani Johnson showed me what it was like to overcome life’s obstacles. Dani Johnson, gave me the specific how to in business and people. The skills that I will never perfect but I constantly work to master. Fourth Jeff Usner, because I saw a man that had no blood connection to me battling the world and make decisions to improve his families life.  I saw a man execute big vision.  Finally Mr. Pittman, a hard working man who I’ve learned so much from pertaining to real estate.  But through his example of starting really late in the game I’ve been taught it is never to late too live a bold life and enjoy every day God has given you.

Yesterday’s post I talked about my desire to give the next 100,000 dollars I make away to the extreme poor.  Two of my mentors did this and it inspired me. See I saw the fruit of what each of mentors have done.  I’ve seen their faults and their fruits.  I’ve seen a flawed human with desires and I’ve seen a passion for God that is inspirational all on it’s own.

I’m going to share a bit of that inspiration today.  This is Jeff Usner’s preview of ABC’s hit show “Secret Millionaire”. Click Here!

My response immediately after the show!

Stacy O’Quinn Reacts At The Post Show Party for… by paulhzlope

The idea of a mentor is not to be that person or idolize that person it’s to simply learn. My brother even though I’ve known him my whole life I can still watch and learn.  Dani Johnson may have been homeless and maybe a woman but I can still learn. My Dad already went Heaven but I’m still reminded of things he said that didn’t apply at one point but now do.  I can still learn.  Mr. Pittman maybe much older than me but I can still learn.

Just find someone who has something you want and learn from that person.  Remember their should never be conflicts you don’t need multiple mentors with different messages!


Here’s to You and Your Mentor,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Never give up on living the life you desire!  It is possible!

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