Executive Boot Camp Starting…


The Executive Boot Camp, is about to start.  What is it? How will it work? How do you become a part of it? First of all to be part of the Executive Boot Camp, you must understand that this is breaking through to the next level.  A certain group of people that has a like mindset can accomplish more together than individually.  History will be created!

Business Partners Helping Each Other

Almost 2 years ago I did an intense mentoring for a small group of people that were part of Coastal Travel.  Everyone of them marketed the Coastal Travel Package, the Coastal product as been around for over 25 years.  It facilitates some of the highest profits in the home business industry and continues even today with no end in sight.  The fact is regardless if you drive a Pinto or a Ferrari someone has to give you that drivers education.  That last training was incredible and you can read about some of the results in my last blog post here.  READ IT NOW!

While that was an incredible training… it was incomplete.  It missed one important ingredient and that was each one of those people should have been taught how to take those results one step forward and duplicate them on their own with their personal sphere of influence.  The Executive Boot Camp is kicking off a small group training, that will include weekly mentor meetings and some one on one mentorship as well.  The Exec. Boot Camp, will be the start of a cycle it will initially only last a short season of about 8 weeks and then we will go into phase two where we will each start duplicating our sphere with someone else that hasn’t had the same opportunity we did previously.

Initially the Executive Boot Camp will be open to only a small group of directors that have proven themselves.  There will be a rigorous application process because the fact is the first group that is going to set the example must be ready to make that impact.  There will be a unique training call with all the details next week. Stay tuned for details on how to find out more.

Those that complete the Executive Boot Camp, be the ones paying off their debt, becoming debt free as we travel together with our families and build memories.  Those that complete all the phases Executive Boot Camp will have access to an advanced training that will include investment strategies, tax strategies and wealth creation strategies.  But only those that have developed the resources will have access to this free but advanced training. 


Are you going to be one of them?
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. We will build memories together not just in business but with our families.  We will help people every step of the way.  Life should be both lucrative and F-U-N. Now we’ve found a strategic way to make that happen!  God Bless!

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