Executive Mentor Group Launches


Tonight on the New Associate Training call, the Executive Mentor Group is going to be opened up again for the first time in about 30 weeks.  Recently I was asked why I’m doing this for free.  I HAVE NO IDEA!

One thing that I’m extremely confident about is I will be great at anything I put my mind to.  Some may call it arrogant?  I’d challenge that person at what is their perspective on who they are?  Your perspective becomes your reality and your reality is who you are today?  What makes me so confident?  RESULTS! Because I’m average and I’m ordinary and I have the ability to do great things.  I also know that I can teach any average ordinary person that has the right perspective how to do great things also.

I’m confident in my ability to help anyone else through our hard work to have exceptional results.  Why are other people’s results important?  Because on my to do list I need to  call my accountant, you see I like to give away money to orphans, widows and disadvantaged and it’s come to my attention that giving away too much and the government will penalize me in taxes.  After a certain point if I give X amount of dollars to the poor my understanding is Uncle Sam limits what I can give by forcing me to pay taxes even on the money I give away depending on the amount.

So if I give away too much of my money because it’s my heart.  Let’s say I’ve crossed the thresholds and want to give 10,000 dollars to support orphans.  Uncle Sam can force me to pay 4-5,000 dollars in taxes on what I gave way.  Just silly…. my point is this, we are limited on what we can do alone.  But as a team we are limitless and I want to raise up a team of people that want to enjoy life, have a blast, strategically create results and help other people.  So I am volunteering my time for this but I’m only looking for those that are serious!

Join us tonight at 10pm Eastern on the New Associate Training Call.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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