Failure is Not an Option!


How can you fall faster than 43mph? What will the end result be? How could a sudden drop affect your business, finances or life? Thank goodness you probably already have a legitimate home business because that additional income is the only thing that could protect your family from the unexpected. But how do you insulate your income and lifestyle so that when bad things happen and in life on this planet as they always do? Today I’m going to talk about 3 things to help you insulate yourself.  First we will discuss budgeting, taxes and one secret to building your business quicker.

First, you have to budget, it does not matter if you make 1,000 a month, 20-30K a month or even a 100,000 a month.  The truth is you make more money than you did when you graduated high school and you have more debt as well.  It’s important that you minimize your expenses as your income increases that would allow you to invest and save for the inevitable things that come up in the future. This is one area most people fail to pay attention to as their legitimate home business income begins to grow.

Second, take advantage of the ALL the home business deductions with your taxes.  I’m not a tax professional but find a good accountant that can show you how to write off your rent or home payment other than interest, your utilities, your car/truck, home improvements, lawn care and many more.  But there is another angle, what about using your product to have a story to share.  If you market a health or weight loss product you can write off using it to verify it works.  This a really good reason to market a product you really can use. We travel a lot and so we market a travel product, this allows us a chance to write certain vacations off if we are using our product, verifying it’s value and using pictures and videos to spread the word then a well planned vacation can also be a tax write off.

Third, to really turn your legitimate home business into a lucrative home business.  Spread the word professionally on what you do.  Always share stories of your product use, on facebook, your email list and any where else. The worse thing that can happen other than someone who could use your product or service and search it out on their own and buy it from someone else. Also becoming a product of the product not only gives you credibility it also facilitates your own story and memories with your family.

So in conclusion you have to have a back up plan for when things don’t go as well and you find yourself in a free fall in life.  Your legitimate home business will help.  If you budget well, minimize your taxes and finally spread the word about what you do.  Which brings me to my final thought, how do you drop 43mph in 2 seconds? SUMMIT PLUMMET at Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park.  We spent the day there as we are on day 3 of our month long vacation using our product.  In the PS below I will post a link to our Blizzard Beach video.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Video from Blizzard Beach today.

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