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I’ve worked with Gary Mach for over a year now.  It’s been an honor watching him grow, develop and succeed.  Gary was recently selected as February’s Director of the Month.  You deserve it Mr. Gary Mach, thank you for giving me an incredible front row seat to watch your success.  Anyone working with you is blessed and I hope they know it.

Gary Mach: Leading by serving others


“The sky is the limit if you are willing to increase your skill- You can at the age of 48 make life better.” –Gary Mach

Gary Mach from Texas doesn’t just talk about giving back he does it. He and his wife Jane travelled with a group of us to Belize this past Christmas to volunteer time and resources to help 90 orphans from the Kings Children’s Home in a small town called Belmopan.

You see true success in life is demonstrated by leadership. Leadership is exemplified by “servantship.” Servantship is to give and serve others and preferring others. Those that have risen to the top of our team within Coastal Travel and the DFI (Decide Freedom International) Team not only make money successfully but they also give back and make a difference leaving a mark and impacting others around them.

Our mission within DFI is to TO CREATE FREEDOM IN EVERY FACET OF OUR LIVES AND TO HELP THOSE AROUND US TO DO THE SAME. In addition we focus on training, coaching, developing and supporting our individual members, to become leaders, trainers and successful Coastal Directors.

Gary has been one of the individuals who we have trained, coached and developed to be a leader and a successful Coastal director. This month Gary has made it to the leaderboard yet again and has now earned his DFI Award ring. He continues to grow his influence and because of the impact of the training that he received at our training seminar First Steps to Success with ABC’s Secret Millionaire, Dani Johnson, Gary and his wife took it upon themselves to spread the word inviting everyone they knew to First Steps to Success this past January. As a result he had over 50 people attend the event to learn from an international business success trainer so that they can have the same opportunity to learn and to be equipped as Gary has had.

Coming out of recent events Gary has made in upwards of $10,000 so who wouldn’t want to learn and attend an event that could teach you how to do that and so much more. The secret about Gary is that he had been successful and originally came to the event to learn to diversify into other streams of income. He has already been a farmer, grew up in farming family on 750 acres. Later his interest in computers lead him open a computer consulting business. And most recently, he is now working to build his Coastal Travel business. Interestingly enough not only did he grow as an entrepreneur with Coastal but by applying the same success principles taught at First Steps to Success he was able the multiply the revenue in his computer business 10 fold.

The greatest asset that has grown in Gary has been his faith that he can. Many times fear stands in the way over our success. Fear stands in the way of where we want to go in life. Where fear says no you can’t Gary has learned the power of faith where faith says yes you can! He says,“You can at the age of 48 make life better.” “It is never too late to get started and it is worth it to make those changes!”

If you are wondering what changes he is referring to, well, there are many, but first and foremost he started reprioritizing his life. It used to be work, work, and more work. As a farmer you work constantly from sun up to sun down. But by reprioritizing his life to put God first, his family second and then work, his life exploded into more success in each of those areas.

Gary’s lessons on his road to success:

  1. No plan is a plan for failure: live life by design and not by default
  2. Persistence and consistency will take you through the peaks and valleys
  3. There’s only 2 ways to fail a Coastal Travel business: not start and to quit

As a result of being a part of Coastal Travel Gary is experiencing the best season of his life. In fact the things that he is most proud of in life are the people that he can call his friends, his bride, his Coastal Travel business and the training he has received from Dani Johnson.

On behalf of everyone in DFI thank you Gary for all that you do and the example you are of serving others first and sharing your success through leadership and servantship. You are DFI’S HERO OF THE MONTH!


Great Job once again Gary!  Your heart is incredible and you deserve your success!
Stacy O’Quinn

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