This is a business blog but momentarily it is a movie recommendation blog! If you are in business your house must be in order to maintain and reach your fullest potential. Now I have an incredible marriage and I’m married to an amazing woman. She is hot, sexy and supportive of me in our house and business.

That being said we recently watched the move Fireproof! It was the best movie we have ever seen together. It allowed us to reflect on our marriage and family. I could only imagine the impact it could have if you are in a marriage with your husband and wife and currently you are going through a season of bumps and bangs which is inevitable with any relationship worth having.

Go SEE the movie before it leaves the theaters!!! When was the last time you and your husband or wife got some time away and alone with each other? Take some time away from business and kids to do something for each other! If you have seen the movie or you go to see it. Leave a comment here for anyone who reads this article. They may be considering going to see it or maybe even considering renting it in the future.

Comment leave your 2 cents because they are worth a lot more than that here.

Together we succeed,
Stacy O’Quinn

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  1. Stacy O'Quinn says:

    Thanks Ray for the comment I agree. Coming from a Lawyer that practices family law your opinion certainly means more than my own!

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