First Steps to Wealth — Sharon Dwyer generates $9,700 First Month


Sharon Dwyer has always been a stay at home mom. Just recently after learning
First Steps to Wealth from a Dani Johnson event I’ve had the pleasure of helping
her generate over $9,700 in less than a month. It actually appears that with
another contract she’s working on she will actually have generated over $19,400
in less than 6 weeks from her first Dani Johnson training event. If there is one
skill that I’m becoming a better master at all the time, it’s showing brand new
people in our company how to apply Dani Johnson’s specific training to what we
do. It works if they work. Sharon is a perfect example.

Sharon Dwyer has traveled all over as a military spouse but has never worked
with a legitimate home business before. She has been incredibly easy to work
with and guide, mentoring her the last few weeks has been fun to watch. She
learned first steps to wealth very early on by going to a Dani Johnson training
event in the early stages of her business. She started out in a financial and
emotional rut. She was receiving a tiny widow’s pension, alone her kids were
grown living on the east and west coast while she was all the way in Alaska and
completely stressed out. Realizing after the unfortunate death of her husband
she suddenly needed to produce an income and it was only going to be up to her.
Positioning herself to generate $19,400 in about 6 weeks in impressive even if
life had been perfect.

It has become an addiction watching someone change their life like Sharon.
Sharon now knows she can make over $100,000 in the next year. She’s not stressed
out, she will be completely debt free and she will have to time to travel and
see her kids and grandkids when she wants. She is already actively asking and
looking how she can help someone else? “What can I do to make a difference for
someone else?” Her example is incredible and her heart is hard to find. Anyone
able to work with Sharon should consider themselves extremely fortunate.

I’m always looking to find someone like Sharon Dwyer. With that drive,
determination and desire to dramatically improve their life, you can help
someone make a lot of money if they are willing to learn, but you can’t change
their heart. Sharon has what it takes to not only make a lot of money herself,
but to help others do what she’s done.

My goal is to help 10 people a year develop a 6 figure income working from
home. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Sharon and even Ruby and
Dave Langdon who just got started with our company this week. But I’m also
looking for that next person that I can help to create a story with next month.
Just like Sharon this month!

 To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

Disclaimer: This is where I have to tell you to not be a nut case and think this is a lottery ticket. It’s not.  Sharon’s results are atypical. If you don’t intend to work than get a job were you don’t have to show up or work and still get a check. If you don’t do anything with your business you might not earn anything. If you do more than I did or Sharon you could possibly earn more.  Obviously there is a risk with all businesses.

Income examples are representative of some of the most successful participants in the program. Some individuals purchasing the program may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL. These claims are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical of average participants. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.
Results will vary by person.

P.S. Capri Mulder’s Story 16,100 in 24 days — update to Capri she made over $26,000 in July her 5th month.

P.S.S.  Megan Pratt’s Story, out of work mom 9,705 — Megan is having another 5 figure month this month.


  1. Lea Lucas says:

    So amazing!!! I’m so completely blessed, honored and excited to be a part of the DFI team. Since being introduced and going through Dani.Johnson’s training my life has changed drastically in a very short time and I know we are on our way to financial freedom like never before. Keep up the awesome work everyone!

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