Fishing for a Legitimate Lucrative Home Business


Yesterday I went fishing in my favorite place called the Little River.  As I’m fishing I started thinking about the bait I was using.  The water levels recently changed a lot I wasn’t sure what would be holding up in the deep holes.  Then it hit me as I’m fishing, the bait I use is the same thing I should apply in business.  If we have a legitimate lucrative home based business then we should use a technique like I did fishing.  If you are looking for a legitimate home based business than you should also consider the same thing I did when fishing.

You see I grabbed an old reliable bait that has produced results for years, there was natural stability in using it.  This bait which I will reveal its name in a moment as you keep reading, it also has the potential to catch almost any edible fish that would have been in these waters.  Anything from bass, brim, crappie and/or catfish, it catches few trash fish like gar and blackfish/bowfin.  The bait has MASS APPEAL.  It is called a “Beetlespin”

Our legitimate home based business if it is also going to be lucrative has to be like a “Beetlespin” fishing lure.  It can’t be something that is a fly by night, it needs to have been around a while but still be lucrative.  Amway has been around a while and is a great company for many but for someone brand new it’s not very lucrative.  The key to finding a legitimate company is look at how long it’s been around.  A solid company will have a track record of 10 years or more.  What makes a home based business lucrative is mass appeal that produces results.  Just like the “Beetlespin” fishing lure is. 

I want to congratulate a few people now who are using the same “Beetlespin” I am

Congrats to Hilary Snyder in CA who just made $3,200 in one day
Congrats to Angela Lasher in PA who is a stay at home mom and made $10,000 in the last month
Congrats to Lisa Serocki in GA for making $3,200 in the last week.

It has been awesome watching each one of you succeed since we’ve known each other.  You truly are becoming incredible leaders!

Also a HUGE congrats to Tim West in LA, Eddie Idouze in London and Deon Danner in NC for each bringing on board 5 new team members in JUNE.  Each of you deserves your success you’ve worked so hard for.  Tim, Eddie and Deon you are all solid leaders on our team.  Thanks for being who you are.

Apparently we have a Legitimate Lucrative Home Based Business

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


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