FOCUS a Single Path, is it for you?


Recently, I was in a conversation with Hans Johnson from Call to Freedom International and he made a point that has stuck with me. What he said was profound. What if I shared with you right now this one secret that Hans shared with several of us would guarentee that you can make 100,000 dollars in the next year? Would you listen and take his multi-million dollar advice? Is it something that you would apply to your life, right now. Would you act today?

What he said was this. The path to becoming a six figure income earner has already been created. It takes zero guessing. It takes zero wandering and trying to figure out how. All that has been done for us. Now you may be asking, “What do you mean?” It’s simple really. There are so many paths to making a six figure income that are proven, because there are truly a fairly large numbers of people make 100 thousand a year. So his advice was find a simple path that is proven and just follow it. Don’t change it. Why is it, that we have to always fix something else or try to improve it?

Seriously, why does it appear to be human nature that we finally find someone who will guide us on exactly what they are doing to have success. What exactly they do to help others become successful and we have to second guess or attempt to take a proven model and adjust it? I did this to start with when I first started using the script book in my normal prospecting. I thought if I “made it my own” it would match my personality better. WRONG, It did not work that way. My results suffered. Why do you think that is? What would be your guess?

It’s because I walked away from a proven model, almost with out knowing it. I attempted to create a model on my own, of course it was based off of the same decisions that had created my need to make money. There was only one result proven there and it was more debt.

Always remember, it does not matter if you are in Coastal Vacations, Decide Freedom International “DFI”, First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson or even the 6 Figure Income Club. If you find a “system” or path that is proven to create results stay on that path and follow it! To stay on the path that is working or find a path that does work. Enter your email and become a member of the 6 Figure Income Club NOW!

Talk Soon,
Stacy O’Quinn

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