Gabryel Arias, Laid Off and Generated $11,000


Gabryel Arias may be like you or someone you know of.  For years he had a stable job in the corporate world, he was comfortable and loved what he did.  Suddenly and without much notice his company was bought out and a corporate conference call later he and several others instantly realized they were unemployed.

Gabryel is a strong Christian Dad, loving husband and sole income provider for his family.  Because of corporate greed and decisions beyond his control right here at the holiday season he found out he would be laid off.  Fortunately for Gabryel he wasn’t helpless.  Gabryel just a few weeks earlier investigated a company he could work from home with for secondary income and earn extra money for a little bit of extras his family wanted.  Then he plugged into a training event with Dani Johnson called First Steps to Success and almost immediately generated his first $11,000.

When most Husbands, Dads and Income Providers would be frustrated, stressed out and struggling with fear during this holiday season.  Gabryel realized he had a great big God and his “little” secondary income just became his primary income.  Gabryel knows that he will be able to stay at home with his family, give to some causes he’s been passionate about and make a 6 figure income and not have to tell his kids he can’t afford it this year at Christmas!  His ability to make a decision in the face of adversity and not let fear control him has set an incredible example for his kids!

Congrats Gabryel Arias,
Stacy O’Quinn


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