Giving Money Away Like Crazy!


I need your help, I’m giving my money away and you can help me do that!

I’ve always wanted to have a BIG Impact on helping those less fortunate.  And we do give away a lot of money already but we are doing more for DECEMBER and you can help.  So to move forward since giving 10% of our income is natural.

There has always been a desire to do something bigger than that but, something always comes up.  So for the month of December, we are going to give away 50% of all of our PROFIT , right up front!

We are giving away 50% of our income and donating it to

We give to the Kings Ransom Foundation because our giving is anonymous except that it comes from Christ.  When it reaches the source and because the organization has ZERO overhead so 100% of our donation goes to the Widowed, Homeless and Hungry.

How can you help? It’s simple anyone you know looking to travel at extremely discounted rates or anyone looking to work with a great company, part-time and develop a lucrative income you send them here.  

Have them complete this form —> Cheap Travel.

 Half of what we earn we will give away this month!  PLEASE HELP US GIVE AWAY MORE. 

Help me Bless those Less Fortunate

Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Leave a comment and share your story of giving!


  1. Dawn O'Quinn says:

    Our trip last year to the orphanage in Belize. It wasn’t the money we gave but the lessons our kids learned that stood out to me. Giving is really better than receiving.

  2. Hi Stacy, I was inspired by your post about giving money away this Christmas! Just one year ago, I was stressed financially and my Church and Bible Study Women’s Group helped me in a HUGE way! They gave me Grocery cards, a used stove, microwave, vehicle repairs and even helped with roof repairs!!! This year over the past 7 months I have been blessed by my new travel business growing and I was actually able to go to my Pastor and tell him I would be giving a percentage of my sales this December back to the Benevolent Fund! Last night at our Christmas Play he pulled me aside with our Senior Pastor and said that the Board had just prayed on Thursday night because they found they were very short in that fund and needing funds desperately to help people this Christmas season. My gift came at the PERFECT time but as we all know it’s all in God’s time, not ours!!!! The Lord put it in my heart where to give, so it is really cool to find that the need was there! I am also giving to King’s Ransom and also another Ministry had the rug pulled out from under them recently with a lease coming to an end putting them in a very stressful situation so I was able to sow a seed there too. How awesome is God, that I can now do what I have always had a heart to do….GIVE BACK TO HIS KINGDOM!!!!!!

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