Gone Fishing! Thanks to Dani Johnson’s Script Book!

We are Blessed to have generated just over 33,000 dollars this month so it’s time to go fishing.  As I’m about to leave for a trip to the beach and a much needed day off, thank goodness my boss is great!!!  I started to think.  Sometimes business is like fishing, you are always looking for the next fish.  Dani Johnson teaches that when you call leads the way to do it effectively is to “bait the hook” with what people want, otherwise they are not going to listen to you. 

For some strange reason people who say calling leads doesn’t work are usually calling with their own agenda and they have no idea what the person who completed the form is looking for.  I’ve been very successful working from home and I still read the dang script out of Dani Johnson’s script book.  Why some people don’t is beyond me, but it is very difficult to know if you can help someone or even lead someone to what they are looking with out knowing what they need, and the script does that for us.  Fish only bite the bait they want.  Have you ever tried hooking a dollar bill to a hook and fishing?  You aren’t going to do well.  If you can fill some one’s need, then that need is their bait!

If you want to catch more fish bait the hook with what they need!  It’s how you will develop leaders in your company as well.  What motivates, motivates!  IT’S ALL IN THE BAIT!  It’s what people go after, it’s what allows people to accomplish more than they would otherwise.  Are you using the right bait?  Do you know how to use the right bait? Are you reading Dani Johnson’s Script Book?

I’ve met some pretty dang good fishermen and fisherwomen in my time and I want to personally say CONGRATS to!

Cadie Kalmes made $20,705 in the last 30 days!

Pastor Bola from London made $4,000 this week!

Michelle Tascoe from CA generated $7,500 yesterday!

All three of these women are dynamic leaders but they are ordinary, but they have applied a simple concept to have EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS!

Yes we have an incredible opportunity working from home but it’s not about the opportunity as much as what we are doing with it!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn