Hans Johnson: This hasn’t happened in 2 years!


Most of us on our team got this letter from Hans Johnson this morning! This is a big deal for anyone who owns a home business or has a desire to work from home. Dani Johnson teaching “how to prospect and close” herself personally has been one of the most impactful trainings of my business life.

That training has helped our team get to where we are today. So far this month we’ve made $64,315 in profit. If you work from home and don’t take advantage of this you are gosh darn goofy!!!

If you are like most people in a home based business, network marketing or MLM you face daily challenges and obstacles that hinder you from building your business the way you would like. What if someone showed you step-by-step how to overcome these challenges and remove the obstacles holding you back from achieving the success you’re looking for?

You have a rare opportunity this month to receive specialized coaching with Dani Johnson on her most requested business topics. For the first time in two years Dani Johnson will be conducting a LIVE 2-part Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar where she will be unleashing the strategies and tools needed to INCREASE your Prospecting and Closing ratios.

If you struggle with issues like:

-Finding and recognizing serious and qualified prospects for your business on a limited budget

-Knowing what to say to your prospects to get them to the next step.

-Overcoming your fear so that you can actually pick up the phone

-Knowing how to effectively manage your time so that you can balance work, family, and fun to get the most out of your day

-Getting your prospects to follow through with the steps that will make them successful

-Your prospects are constantly giving you excuses

-Getting prospects to show up to your presentation

-Handling objections like “I don’t have enough time.” or “I don’t have enough money right now.” or “I need to talk to my spouse.”

-Knowing what questions to ask to take control of any conversation

-Having the confidence to know what to say and how to say it in any situation

-These topics and many MORE will be covered during this 2-part teleseminar where Dani will be doing LIVE role playing and Q&A to give you help and develop your skill where you need it most.

-When Dani began in business, she had no starting capital, she was living out of her car, the country was going through an economic crisis and we were at war. (sound familiar – that’s exactly where we are today!)

If this sounds like you then Dani knows exactly how to get you from where you are today to attracting quality prospects and making money in the next 30 days. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to put yourself in a position to capitalize on the current market conditions and be ready for all of the people who are currently looking for a home based business to supplement their income.

Click here to register for Dani’s LIVE Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar Now!

Also, if you hurry, you’ll get a special BONUS. The MP3 recording of both sessions and an invitation to view the LIVE Webcast totally FREE!

Hans Johnson, CEO

Respond to this POST let us know if you are Registered! Also take note that the link above IS NOT a Referral link. It is the link straight out of his email. I do not make money from Dani or Hans except benefiting from the training. So why would I post this publicly on my blog and to my competition possibly?

It’s because I believe we should all have the chance to succeed. If you become a story with Dani and Hans and reply here one day or send it to them and they post it on their website it still helps my business. Plus the home business industry is my career and we should flourish together as an industry!!!

God Bless!
Stacy O’Quinn

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Stacy! I am registered and ready to receive this invaluable training from Dani!

    Kristi Engel

  2. Stacy O'Quinn says:

    Great Job Kristi! Let’s Rock and Roll. You are awesome!

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