Has “Dani Johnson” ABC’s Secret Millionaire Impacted Your Life?


Dani Johnson ABC’s Secret Millionaire has impacted over a half a million lives through their client base.  Now, this secret millionaire has another purpose, as she revealed after her interview on Good Morning America this week she wants to see the people that have benefitted from her training step up to help others with their time and their money.  Dani Johnson’s training is powerful no wander she became ABC’s secret millionaire.  For the 100’s of thousands of their clients who went to their training and went from financially struggling to getting a promotion, starting a business or overall increasing their income she is their favorite millionaire.

I just spoke to another lady today.  Capri Mulder from OR a mom, wife and thanks to Dani’s training she started a legitimate home business out of her home and in the last two weeks based off of Dani’s training she’s made 4,200 dollars and it’s the first two weeks.  Many people are struggling right now to make ends meat or even to find a job.  But as Capri put it to me this morning, “Now I’m starting to have fun”.

If Dani Johnson, ABC’s Secret Millionaire has impacted your life at all.  Leave a comment, like this on facebook and let others know what you’ve been able to accomplish. 

Let’s take Dani up on her challenge and let’s reach out and help someone else.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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