Have You Lost Your Dream?


Bill Gates, wanted a computer in every home in America in the 90’s.

Steve Jobs, believed every person would walk around with a computer on them back in the 2000’s.

Benjamin Franklin, believed there could be a light bulb in every home one day.

Martin Luther King, believed the idea of separate but equal which was a common practice in his time would be obsolete one day.

These are just a few people that a vision was placed in them, they had a dream.  Even though the masses would not agree with them or even support them at the time.  They surrounded themselves around people who could help their dreams come true.  What did you dream once?  Back when you were 18 and 20 what did you think about accomplishing one day?  Maybe buying a house, being debt free, traveling and vacationing all over the world and having a life of freedom to enjoy your family that you expected back then?  Where are your dreams you once dreamed?  Are you pursuing even the little ones like maybe taking your kids or grand kids to Disney?  There have no doubt been people who wanted to change our world during their lifetimes and no doubt many have.

For some reason after we get a job and an income after high school as Dani Johnson says we shrink our dreams to meet our income.  We say things like it’s ok I don’t really need a big house.  You know I don’t have to take a fancy vacation and I don’t need a new car, it’s all a waste of money any way?  Maybe you once thought about all the people you could help and inspire to do more and be more, then you doubt how you can help because you are struggling yourself?  Your dreams were placed in you for a bigger purpose in the long run, it could be to simply live an amazing life and to prove to others so can they? Your kids and grandkids learn what to expect based off of what you accept in life.

You never have to lose your dreams.  God stated in his word, “A man without a vision will parish.” 

Surround yourself with the remnant that are going after their own dreams.  Surround yourself with the remnant that believe what you want is possible.  Be okay, living for a purpose versus just living for a Friday.  Surround yourself with a remnant, because our world is always impacted by the remnant.


Your Desires, Visions and Dreams are real for as long as you believe in them.
To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. AS long as you believe you will walk in the direction of that belief, versus delay, justify and procrastinate until it’s to late.

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