Having a Smart Phone is Worse than a 9 to 5


Well I owned a new Motorola Electrify for exactly 3 and a half days.  Then I realized owning a smart phone (YES THIS WAS MY FIRST ONE) is worse than having a JOB.  Since I haven’t held a typical job in over 5 years it was tough.  You and I were both sold on how these nifty new gadgets are suppose to make our life easier.  Heck Steve Jobs, rest his soul made a fortune marketing those concepts to us as did every other cell phone company.

Now you may love your IPhone or which ever smart phone you may have. I can respect you for that it’s a lot of work.  But I really am glad to have gotten rid of mine and here is my partially comical and mostly truthful reasons for getting rid of mine in less then 4 days.


1.  It controls your time and invades your personal space.  Now you may be able to really separate it out and I thought I could.  But every text message, email or phone call I just felt compelled to take.  I definitely got more text and emails then I do typical calls on my dumb phone.  Most of the time the curiosity so close by got the better of me and it was a nascence like my boss calling me at home when I was in the military.  Half the time my Boss had a good reason to call, 90% of my text and emails are not important enough to pull me away from my family or private time.

Now I could have put my phone on a shelf or turned it off but then what was the purpose of the instant access.  To me, clients and friends having instant access to me is not as important as most of my current task at hand.  Like playing with my kids or listening and giving my wife 100% of my attention she deserves.

Nothing worse than being out with family or friends and someone Face booking or texting under the table as everyone else has a good time.  I felt the pull and I can understand it.  It’s not for me.

2.  My work is mostly on the computer it felt like a natural fit that I would be able to make more money, it would be more convenient and profitable.  The fact is I currently work about 25 hours a week.  Suddenly my Smart Phone felt like a leash.  I was tied to my work and couldn’t really get a way.  Being self employed it is important to work hard and play hard.  When you are at work don’t think about the beach or when you are at the beach you’ll be thinking about work.

No matter where you are if you are getting quick access to every email that comes in it’s difficult not to think about it.  So suddenly my phone became something I dreaded but felt compelled to pick up… IT”S TO EASY.  It felt like Monday morning on the JOB every time I got my email notifications.

We work in a very lucrative position from home and are debt-free but….

A. It’s an extra bill that never ends

B. $40 is a night out at the movies with my wife

C.  $40  a month would pay for 400,000 dollars of term life insurance for the average 35 year old man or woman

D.  $40 a month will support a hungry child in Africa

E.  $ 40 is about a half a tank of gas

F.  $ 40  is about 3 days worth of groceries

G. It’s $480 a year or $2,400 over 5 years  or $4,800 over 10 not counting interest. 

3.  It made me miss one important thing I like about my dumb phone.  I’m not a huge “texter” on purpose and most people know I don’t respond to text, but my wife and I send little love messages back and forth.  This is a good moment for me to say my wife is not only extremely HOT she is also amazing.  But I enjoyed any little text notification on my dumb phone because it was from my wife most of the time.  I may change my mind in the future but for now I’ve returned my smart phone and can enjoy those messages from my wife with out the “work” / “boring” emails ect.

Now most of you that have a Smart Phone you are probably completely happy.  My overall goal is not change your mind it’s really to get you to think about all the little areas you spend your hard earned money.  Dani Johnson has a great saying.  “Money and Time will always find a place to go if you don’t find a place for it.”  Don’t let your money or your time gradually slip away from you


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Respond or leave a comment what type of phone do you use?


  1. Stephanie says:


    I am with you 100%. After owning 3 Treos and 2 Blackberrys in the past 5 years I finally turned them in for a boring normal phone for the exact same reason. The ability to have a well-defined line between work and play is so critical. There was a point in my business where the lines got all muddy and my business spilled over into my family time and vice-versa, and I eventually had a nervous breakdown. I had to completely re-evaluate my priorities and what I was trying to accomplish. I now deeply treasure my quiet time with my family, and I no longer JUMP every time the phone rings. If it’s important, they’ll leave a message and I can call them back when I mentally “clock back in”. 😉

  2. stacydfi says:

    LOL see I’m not the only one!

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