Heck yeah! It’s time to go to work!


Well Thanksgiving is over are you stoked about working on Monday? Some people would die to do what we do. Who else gets to wake up when they CHOOSE TO? Tomorrow everyone of us on our team will. AND…

The contest for the FREE Cruise kicks off for everyone in Coastal Travel starting tomorrow in DFI. All the details will be given out on the Open Forum call with Jackie O’Quinn Wednesday night at 10pm EST 712-338-8100 pin 1989#

In the 14 year+ history of Coastal Travel this has never happened. Imagine, 5 days away…

No stress, no kids just you and one significant other and fun in the sun on the Carnival Destiny. The best part is the trip will not cost you anything out of pocket. The port fees, taxes and governmental fees have all been paid. If you have not been on one of our recent calls given the details this is one you don’t want to miss on Wednesday night!

See it’s good to be us!
I’m Thankful
Stacy O’Quinn

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