Help Me Give Away $10,000 to an Orphanage


Thanks to an idea inspired by a colleague of mine Angela Lasher who has made a commitment to give away 9,705 dollars to an orphanage we both support in Belize called the Kings Childrens Home.  The home currently houses around 70 kids that have been abused neglected or not taken care of.  Their basic needs are met as well as learning to develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

DFI a business support group that Angela and I are a part of is actively partnering with another organization called the Kings Randsom Foundation and helping to build and expand the orphanage as well as sponsoring each one of these kids for Christmas.

This is where I need your help if it’s something you can get behind?  I’m looking to give the next 10,000 dollars I make to the Kings Childrens Home.  I’m looking for someone to partner with me on a day to day basis and help me make this money quickly.  I’m looking for someone to work with me as an executive assistant helping me to screen potential clients.  The person should have experience working with the public, be exposed and understand Dani Johnson’s calling methods and able to handle making outbound calls to potential clients for prescreening (leads will be provided).

The perfect candidate will know that it’s OK to pay off your debt, it’s ok to have a nice car, it’s ok to live in a big house, it’s ok to travel the world; but if you aren’t making the world a better place at the same time by helping the widows, orphans and poor what are you doing it all for? 

Complete the application RIGHT HERE

Help me give away 10,000 dollars over and over again!  Let’s do it fast, the need is great and our time is small!


May God Bless You in all you do,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S.  Here is that application again, complete it ASAP!


  1. hi my name is Jesus guzman says:

    Can u help me build a church for God. Im a pastor

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