Help Me Save a Man’s Life


Stuart Lynn’s life is at stake and so is the Sons of the Martyred Ones.  Stuart Lynn is a business man he has an incredible rags to riches story.  His transformation started very similar to mine from a Dani Johnson training event.  Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a man that went from being in debt only making 50,000 a year supporting a family of 8 who today runs 5 different companies, helps to employ dozens of people, and generates millions in business and consistently gives to those disadvantaged from Orphans, Widows, Poor and the Hungry.  Stuart Lynn has it all……..


Except he’s severely over weight!  He’s battled with his weight and food his entire life.  Stuart recently made a statement, “God has given me so much now I have to do my part.”  Stuart’s weight is killing him his organs are working over time.  He just confided in me that he’s is going to lose 100lbs this year. He must or he will die an early death! But in that moment an idea was born!  Let’s encourage Stuart and help children that have been almost forgotten about. Stuart and I have been inspired by Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner supporting an orphanage in India that houses boys who saw their parents beaten, raped, tortured and killed because they were Christians.

You and I can encourage one man on a journey that will literally save his life, while we inspire others to make better life choices and we can help create a school and an orphanage for the Martyred Ones in India.  We are looking for at least 5,000 people to sponsor Stuarts weight loss.  Even if it’s just a $1 per pound that’s 100 dollars over the next year, and you would be helping spread the word about the Orphans in India, encouraging others to make healthy choices as Stuart transforms and make it possible for one man to grow old and enjoy his amazing wife and family as God intended!


Get the Details on Saving One Man’s LIfe

So here are a couple of things you can do to be part of our team on this journey for the children.

1.  To get 5,000 people to join we need to spread the message.  God will do the rest! Share, like, tweet, repost this message, any future messages, updates and VIDEOS. Even if you can’t sponsor $1 a pound over the next year.

2.  In the next few days we will have a website up where you can post your pledge amount and get updates.  5,000 people is a big under taking only a few will actually take action so we must spread this message let’s start getting the word out now.

3.  Once you make a decision to be part of this team and sponsor Stuart.  All donations can be made at www.grouprev.com/dfi and in the comments of your giving just put an encouraging message to Stuart.  He will be reading all of them!

4.  Don’t stop spreading the word. Do something every day, be a leader step up and influence others, have a heart and do something selfless, how stinkin’ cool is it making a difference in so many lives and be smart be strategic about it.  Those kids need you!

Join Us,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Let’s do our part and spread the word we need 5,000 people to join us, will you?

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