Helping Someone Reach 6 Figures Starts With Caring


Once in a while I get asked the question, what’s the key to helping someone else succeed in a home business?  The truth is I could tell about how you have to have a solid system in place that you’ve used and you can share.  I could say that you have to have a product that you market that is extremely lucrative. I could say that the training you use has to have a long track record.  But the fact is to help someone succeed or reach a 6 figure income you do need all those things but you also need one more ingredient.

You must absolutely without question care about the people you work with.  If you care about someone you can sympathize with an area they struggle in.  If you care you have patients when it comes to their weaknesses.  When you care you are their to help work around their challenges.  No one helps people succeed consistently without caring about them.

You may be asking, “What I have to care? Like friends care?”  My response would be NOPE, you have to care like family and/or the best of friends care.  When you get excited about the people you work with, you look forward to vacationing together.  You get excited about seeing each others kids and grandkids grow up.  You realize that there is a bond and you will always be there for each other and working together no matter what.  You realize that you don’t have a business relationship but you have a bond.

When you work with people to build that bond you know can more quickly and easily show them all they need to know to succeed.  They will use the “tools” and “processes” more effectively.  When they make a mistake you will more gracefully be there to help them past it. So to help someone succeed and make a 6 figure income from home it starts with caring.



To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. As I wrote this I’m reminded of the people I’ve come to know as the best of friends and I’m going to invite even more to go on vacation with my wife and I later this year.

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