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Dani Johnson, her training and concepts have been a huge factor in our success in DFI. Below is an article that she wrote… It is very POWERFUL, once again Dani Johnson is dead right on what it takes to be successful. Regardless of your background, I’d highly encourage you to get to the next Dani Johnson training Seminar if success is your goal!

Even the best MLM recruiters can have difficulty keeping people around and actively building their businesses. This article will show you the simple process to keep your reps motivated and producing results. You will now understand the most important first step to developing a healthy and growing team.

Before we get to that first step you must grasp the basic concept of working your business consistently. If you work your business consistently, it will grow consistently. When you cruise for a while and then stop to become the nurturer who tries to hatch your reps like a hen does, your retention level starts to go down. You will notice that more people become inactive or quit because you are not adding enough new people.

If you are working very part time like 5 hours per week, there is no reason why you should not be able to activate at least 3 new people every month. Just take it up from there. If you’re working your business 10 hours per week, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to bring in at least 6 new reps a month.

To make sure that you are activating the new people properly you should be utilizing the involvement concept. This is a supernatural process for retention where the burden is easy and the way is light. This system helps you get new people doing something right away and then keeps them involved to the point where there is ownership in them.

This is not the time to download your new person Sue with a bunch of information because she will become an information idiot who is unmotivated. That information is not going to get Sue to go to work. It’s just going to give her a lot to think about.

So what is important during the first 48 hours is to get new reps involved in the process. The involvement of Sue immediately going to work and making money is what keeps her from quitting. When She’s making money, she can’t afford to quit!

Dani Johnson is an author, speaker, trainer and founder of Call to Freedom Int’l. She went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to earning her first million in two short years by the age of 23. Dani regularly consults, mentors, and coaches business owners, entrepreneurs, and career professionals on business, leadership development, personal achievement, marketing solutions, profit strategies, relationship marketing, and team development.

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