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Hilary DeCesare, Your Next Secret Millionaire Revealed

Episode four of Secret Millionaire season three airs on ABC television on Sunday, July 8, at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. We are introduced to Hilary DeCesare, a mother-turned-entrepreneur who is now a millionaire. DeCesare co-founded and serves as CEO of Everloop, a social media website designed for children. On the television show, she lives in a rundown area of Long Beach, California, for a week and volunteers undercover.

No one DeCesare encounters is aware of her wealth or the fact that she is looking for worthy causes to receive some of it. The millionaire joins other volunteers who are working with homeless people and caring for neglected animals. At the end of the episode, she tells those folks who she really is and presents those most worthy with a portion of her fortune. We cannot wait to see the looks on their faces!

Everloop was literally a labor of love for DeCesare. As the mother of teenage twins and a tween girl, she discovered that the Internet did not offer safe places for children to connect with their friends in social media fashion. Further research revealed that security and information focusing on child safety online was seriously lacking. After reading the horror stories of cyber-bullying, online predators, and teen suicides related to the Internet, this entrepreneur took charge.

DeCesare and her team of technical and customer service experts developed an online space for kids younger than 13. This is a protected, safe place where kids can make connections with friends, collaborate with peers, and develop themselves. Were it not for diligent fundraising efforts, Everloop would never have been possible. DeCesare is very familiar with the challenges faced by the charitable volunteers she encountered on Secret Millionaire.

Prior to co-founding Everloop, DeCesare co-founded White Space Ink, a startup technology-focused management consulting agency. She also worked for the worldwide technology trailblazer Oracle Corporation, where she received more than 100 worldwide awards for managerial sales. DeCesare won the 102 DEMOgod Award, Always On Global 250, and ONHollywood for Digital Media award.

As a millionaire, DeCesare can help others financially, which she does through charitable donations and investing in startup businesses so other people can make their mark. She is on the Max Cure Foundation board of directors, helping the cause fulfill its mission of discovering medical cures for childhood diseases. DeCesare hopes to change the world and recognizes the roles that businesses and volunteers play in this process.

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  1. gridlockmanifesto says:

    Although Hilary is the Millionaire, the show really did well showcasing the charities and the persons responsible for creating them. Although the show didn’t spend a lot of time on Hilary’s accomplishments, it is great to find out she is a woman of purpose and that she is devoted to the well being of children. Jonas was the perfect charity founder to focus on for this reason. My daughter and Dish co-worker’s daughter were moved to ask if they could do a project with the homeless. It is TV like this that makes it worthwhile to spend time like this as a family and now we watch more episodes of our favorite shows in one night too because we can watch commercial free with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings. That means I get more of what I enjoy, TV shows, not commercials.

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