Hilary Snyder / Stay Home Mom 20K One Week


Today is March 1st and March Madness in the Lucrative Home Business Industry is just starting.  Hilary Snyder, stay at home mom, business professional and true leader recently sent an email to Jackie O’Quinn and I on Monday of this week, it’s what makes working from home and helping others worth it!


Dear Stacy and Jackie,

I wanted to send a quick email humbly thanking both of you for all times you guys have spent your time encouraging me in this business. Since Monday I have brought in $20,605!! Not quite a truck day but I will gladly take a truck week.

Jackie back in September we had a phone conversation and you said something that hit home.  Something along the lines of the people who fail are the ones who quit….and Stacy you have listened to me cry (the ugly cry), you gave me the privilege of listening to you close and numerous conversations  encouraging me with a little butt chewing!!!

Truly guys this week would have NEVER been possible without you both.

My life, my children’s lives and grandchildren life will Never be the same because you guys have hung in with the business, given hours of your time training and pouring into this team. You guys are changing this world everyday you step into your offices and choose to work another day…never forget that!

I love you both!!!

May God our Father Bless you both-enlarge your boarders and be with you in all that you do.

Hilary Snyder

Hilary Snyder… You have done the work and you have created your success.  What Stacy, Jackie and even Dani Johnson has done for you is nothing compared to what you have done yourself.  Plenty of people get the knowledge, they can listen to a training call, go to a seminar or read a book but, most folks never follow through. 

Hilary Snyder your faith is inspirational and your integrity is amazing.  You know how to have success and create success.  Anyone following your lead should be paying attention and hopefully they realize they have a once and a lifetime opportunity working with you in a lucrative home business.


Continue to Inspire Us,
Stacy O’Quinn

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