How Can You Argue with Results?


I get excited every day of my life when I really think about what we’re able to do.  I remember years ago before I was able to work from home full time how I viewed anything with the title “Home-Based Business”?  First of all if it was real wouldn’t everyone do it? 

Then someone shared with me the herd mentality?  Being in debt was difficult and it was a horrible feeling struggling paycheck to paycheck but the “herd” was there grazing in that field.  At one point everyone I knew struggled and I thought that was just the way it was.  So it was difficult for me to look outside of the box I lived in to see things differently.  We are very blessed we opened our eyes to what is possible.  Yes, there probably are a lot of things that are not legit out there when it comes to “home based” but apparently there are some diamonds out there as well.

Thank You Coastal Travel and DFI for allowing my family to become DEBT-FREE Make a 6 Figure Income and Travel the World!  We have a trip planned for December with our kids to visit an Orphanage in Belize.  We will be volunteering and we are currently raising money for them.  If you would like to give back to those who are less fortunate get the details at

One last thing, Congrats to the following people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in DFI the last couple weeks.

Hilary in CA $4,000 dollars in the last two weeks!

Jessica in AZ $1,000 dollars in the last two weeks!

Jessica in CA $1,000 dollars in the last two weeks!

Matt in IL $1,000 dollars in the last two weeks!

Tim in LA $15,000 dollars in the past month!

Meggan and Rob from ON 3,200 dollars in the past week and it appears they will surpass 15,000 for the month of December already!

Each of you are becoming incredible leaders and examples of success with our company.  Thank you so much for being who you are.   I know there are many of you I’m leaving out and you can feel free to drop me an email and I’ll definitely share your story later.  The success and the stories never ever get stale hearing about.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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