How Can You Create the Life You Want?


     Over the years one of the things I’ve definitely learned from Dani Johnson is you really can create your own life! Before I break it down and give you some specific actions you can do right now to create the life you want I really want to say to everyone going to the Dani Johnson training event in Orlando FL in March that is the same event that started it all for me.  Dani Johnson’s training is the real deal for life, kids and home business, all of it.

      So how can you create the life you want?  Easy first you have to find the fruit you want and then find someone who can show you exactly what you need to do and finally take action.  So digest that mentally and then let’s make it hit home for you.  Do you want to be debt-free? Do you want to have real financial freedom and independence? Do you want to break the monotony of every day life of going to work, coming home just to go to work again? Do you want to travel the world, have a blast learning about different cultures while eating all the different foods? Do you want to have the time to volunteer and/or freedom to give away to 10’s of 1,000’s every year to help the needed?  Maybe even inspire others to give through your own example?

      All of those things I do and have done and will continue to do.  But it wasn’t always like that and those are the things I want to do and I’ve created for my life.  Some of those things are maybe all of them may not appeal to you.  But the point is we have to decide what we want first. We have to be in control of our actions that create the circumstances versus like most people they allow their circumstances to decide what they should do. YOU must flip it around and you can but first you must know exactly what you want your life to be like.

      Second, you have to find someone to help you.  There maybe several people in different areas.  If you want to be a great parent you have to find the fruit of others that are great parents and learn from them.  If you want to increase your income you have to find someone making the kind of income you want to make and learn from them!  You want total freedom you have to find someone who has that fruit in their life and follow them.  I heard Mr. Johnson once say, you should never guess how to make six figures.  To many other people are doing it so you just find out who has what you want and follow them. BTW, truly successful people want to help others succeed. If you find someone in business that won’t mentor you, that’s ok TRUST ME, they really don’t have what you want.  It’s a façade, the fruit that they don’t’ give back proves what there success is really like.

     Finally, you have to take action yourself.  Many people live and entire life time talking about  how great they want the future to be. TALK IS CHEAP, ACTION IS RICH.  Everyday of every year I run into someone I want to help.  In business and out of business, but I’ve learned no matter how much I want to help or mentor someone I can’t help them if they aren’t willing to help themselves.  You don’t want to be one of those people that someone is willing to give you a map to a treasure but you decide to talk about the treasure map you have, maybe frame it and put it on the wall but NEVER ACTUALLY GOING TO GET THE TREASURE! 

     So if you want to create a new lifestyle with more money, time, freedom and memories decide what that looks like and find the fruit of it in someone else’s life.  If that person is legit they will help you follow their results step by step (that’s even better than a map).  You need that person to make sure you don’t take a wrong turn.  Remember there are more people out there that are willing to guide and help then there are people who really want to follow and learn.  That’s why success seems so elusive, when in fact it’s quite simple!


The journey is not as difficult as it seems,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. I have to once again say I owe a huge thank you to Dani Johnson.  She was the one that has and continues to mentor me when I need it.  Today I just simply want to master showing others how to apply what she teaches.  Thank You Dani Johnson

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