How Did Dani Johnson Make Her Millions?


People ask me this all the time.  What business did Dani Johnson start?  How did Dani Johnson make her money?  What business or product did Dani Johnson sale out of the back of her car?  The answer is extremely easy and I’ll give you that in just a moment but, first it was apparently very lucrative.  It was definately something she could do without a brick and mortar building and it was something that was not going to cost her 100,000 dollars like most traditional startups.

Dani was homeless living out of her car with 2.03 cent to her name and 35,000 dollars in debt.  She did not have time to play around she had to do something that was lucrative and that she could make money in fast.  Because she didn’t have any money she struggled initially because she did have some business startup cost.  It wasn’t 100,000 dollars but it was a few thousand dollars in product and marketing etc.  But Dani was at the lowest low and she needed to make a change and she made a decision.  In that decision she had direction.

So how did Dani Johnson make her Millions?  What business did Dani Johnson start?  It was a lucrative home business.  It was a business that she had a product that people wanted.  People buy what they want not what they need.  People wanted her product and her product was lucrative.  Today you may not do what Dani did with that exact product.  But there are many home based businesses that will cost much less than 100K to start but are still extremely lucrative. 

Do you know what the most lucrative home business  is TODAY?

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Stacy O’Quinn

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