How Did Dani Johnson Make her Millions?


How Dani Johnson made her millions is something that many people are asking themselves right now.  She went from homeless to millionaire in two years.  But through her training events she has taught hundreds of thousands the same things she did.  She teaches exactly what it was and how she did it.

The quick answer is Dani Johnson started a lucrative home business out of the trunk of her car.  Dani Johnson has proven what Donald Trump, David Bach and Robert Kiyosoki all have already stated.  If they lost their wealth they would start a legitimate and lucrative home business.  It is the quickest way with the smallest investment for the average person to make an above average income.

Dani teaches specific skill at her training events.  She shows you exactly what she did and how you can apply it to any industry.  Dani Johnson speaks from experience because she did it.  She will show you if you want to start a lucrative home business exactly what she did, the exact words she used, how she got clients and built her wealth.

The specific strategies she teaches has helped the company I work for EXPLODE.  Dani Johnson does all of our training, and it definitely creates results.  Some recent results are…

Jenny Baker from CO, Stay at home Mom made $8,400 in the last 30 days

Tara Johnson from MI, Former law student and now expecting mother also made $8,400 applying what Dani taught our company.

Diana Repko from OH, A pastor, mom and previous business consultant generated $9,705 with our company

Capri and Darrin Mulder from OR,  Working couple just made $4,200 in their first two weeks with our company after Dani Johnson’s training.

Personally, when I started working from home for Coastal Travel I had never made a dime from home.  I was over 6 figures in debt, struggling living paycheck to paycheck.  After Dani Johnson’s training, I learned to generate an income and FAST.  Following the techniques she teaches exactly I made 13,000 my first month and 104,000 my first year all while working my day job still.  That was 5 years ago and today we have generated a 6 figure income annually thanks to Dani’s training, bought our current home with cash and just finished February with $23,400 in profit.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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