How Did Disney Get it Wrong?


We are spending the entire month down in Orlando and currently we have the 10 day premium hopper pass.  It’s fun, it’s a blast making memories with our kids and we are saving a ton of money with the Coastal Travel Package.  But this is interesting, Walt and the lesser known Roger Disney had a vision and believed in hard work.  Their hard work made their dreams come true.  But they don’t sell hard work = be all you want to be, in their current messaging.  Currently the Disney theme is “dreams really do come true”.  There theme song sends the message that (if you really believe in your heart and WISH hard enough all of your dreams can come true.)

Now this brings me back to a really old fashioned statement I heard as a kid.  “You can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets full first!) Now I know that may be a little harsh for you.  I apologize but the point is simple.  How come Disney’s messaging that is “exciting” “thrilling” and “inspiring” to our children is completely false? Then we end up with children that grow up and blame the government, big corporations and the economy for their struggles.  This is the amazing thing about life, there will ALWAYS BE STRUGGLES. But you or I can focus on finding a solution or we can keep creating excuses to justify our hopeless situation that will never change.  We will just live our life going from one excuse to the next.

The Disney messaging is false!  The reason they market it with characters and catchy tunes is people like to hear they don’t have to work.  People like to believe in being swept of their feet by some prince charming (that’s good messaging for healthy marriages later NOT).  But the fact is we are not a victim and we will experience struggles but if you have a DREAM you can work for it!  It can change your life forever. Don’t wish and poop  😉 actually do.  You can become all you want to be!  Tell your kids that! IF you can’t do it for yourself who should do it for you?

People inevitably always ask me how when I have conversations like this.  BUT HOW? Stop thinking and start doing, because in the doing you will begin to learn what you need to learn and meet who you need to meet. What can you do today? What immediate action can you take now? You know  the first step take that one first.  Don’t Delay.

Your Dreams really can come true,
Stacy O’Quinn

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P.P.S. Your kids are watching how you respond to adversity, take action you can be all you want to be.  I believe in you.

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