How Do You Help Some One Have Success?


How do you help someone succeed? What does it take to really lead, impact, and inspire others? The fact is you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. BUT… What if he does drink, will that guarantee his success? What is the one thing YOU can do to help some else have more results when you are working with them?

First and foremost you must have integrity in your guidance and direction. You can’t preach one thing and do something different. You can’t tell someone how to succeed but not doing it yourself. That makes you a liar. You must STAY IN THE TRENCHES yourself. If you are going to give advice it must be timely and something that is still effective and working today.

How do you know your advice is still effective? How do you know your tips and strategies what ever that maybe still works? Because you yourself are still doing it and you have results. You are not just in the trenches but you are getting your elbows dirty doing what you teach. I learned something from Dani Johnson a long time ago. Don’t stop doing what is working!!!

It gives you more credibility when you share it with others. Most other so called leaders have a moment of success, their methods are not meant for the long haul and they flame out in one way or another. From that moment on they live in the past of one successful story. Many of those so called experts and leaders are struggling today trying to maintain a façade of success.

When you have success, as Dani Johnson says, “Put your check in the drawer”. Don’t stop doing what works. You will inspire others to change their lives and more importantly you have a much higher level of integrity and therefore credibility. There are enough “so called experts” let’s have more realness. success_and_happiness


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Great point Stacy! You can’t help others unless you are doing the work yourself and doing it continuously! It drove me crazy when experts in marketing talked about a great success they had but never told you HOW to do it. 🙂

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