How do you help someone make a 6 figure income?


If you’ve made a 6 figure income you may not have put much thought into your ability to help someone else make a 6 figure income, or any income you’ve made for that matter. But since this is the 6 figure income club we will use that as a reference point.  To help someone make the same income you’ve made you have to be able to break down exactly what you’ve done to get to that level of success. Then you have to be able to help someone over come their belief that they can’t do it and finally you have to be the glue between the steps you took to get there and their learning process.

What ever income you’ve made especially if you are in an industry like a small business or home business you should be able to teach someone how to do what you’ve done.  What skill, talent and ability do you have and what can you teach them?  The simpler you can make it the more people you can help have the same success you’ve had.  The biggest mistake with many teacher, authors, life-coaches and so called mentors is they are teaching something that they have very little real world experience in.  Like my college professor attempted to teach business that’s never actually owned one. (hence I’m not using that college education to earn any income today)

The biggest factor that holds someone back from reaching a 6 figure income or any level of success is the fact that they may believe it’s “hard or even impossible”.  The truth is in my own business I talk to clients everyday and it’s all scripted.  The age you learned to read that’s the age you had the basics of how I’ve earned multiple 6 figures annually. But even still many people have a hard time keeping the basics simple because of what someone who wasn’t successful told them at some point in their life.  WE WERE ALL TOLD MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES.  But they didn’t tell us where it grew, either?  Dani Johnson’s training called First Steps to Success has been one of the biggest reasons of my own success today.  Because she teaches practical business principles that anyone can apply. That made it easy to get over my excuses I’ve always used on why I couldn’t succeed.

Finally, you have to be willing to be there and actually help someone.  Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of people directly and thousands even ten’s of thousands through volunteer trainings, conference calls and workshops.  You have to get pride an seeing someone succeed.  There will always be a missing piece for some people.  There will be that one area they may struggle with along the way.  You have to be willing to be there and really be in the trenches, helping and leading by example.  You can’t be fake, the world is full of fake.  You have to be that glue!  I’ve said for years, I don’t want to be Dani Johnson I just want to master showing others how to apply what she teaches!


Success is a decision away from becoming reality,
Stacy O’Quinn

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