How Do You Know What You Are Working Towards?


Success in a legitimate home business and in life in general is pretty simple.  You have to know what you are working towards.  It may not be as big as you think.  Of course you want to pay off debt, increase your income, travel the world and create memories with your family and friends experiencing culture and cuisine and building security for the future.  But that may be what drives you but it’s often to big to work toward every day.  You have to have something small that you can see the fruit of quickly.

I always have the big goal of building wealth and a legacy that will out last me.  Allowing my family to continue to build influence and income to help other people.  But then if I didn’t find something in the short term I’d never make it to work consistently.  There are 3 things that I do.  First set small activity goals, have a reward built in and engage other people in my same purpose so they can be driven, it’s fun and creates accountability. You begin to develop team work and results little by little for yourself and with everyone involved.  I’ll give you an example.

This week on our team I created a little fun “contest”.  The object was each of us just doing our personal best in 3 areas of business 3 different days. Who ever did the best each day I’d give a $50 gift card to.


Turbo Tuesday – Making as many dials as possible to cold contacts/leads. 

Witnessing Wednesday – Being the messenger talking about our product or service to as many as we can in one day

Thundering Thursday – Bringing about change by scheduling as many clients as we can for an interactive experience.

As a team if we made 10,000 dials on Tuesday, bring the message to 500 on Wednesday and have 100 clients scheduled for an interactive experience I would make a $1,000 donation to the orphans in India  Then if I reach my own goals I’d cook one of my favorite meals for the family this weekend. So we will definitely be having shrimp scampi tonight.

I do work with some of the most amazing people on the planet!  Huge Congrats go out to a few that excelled really well.

Turbo Tuesday and Top DialerMary Smith McKenzie 227 dials
Honorable Mentions go out to

Antony Ngere 157
Heather Lefoll 149
Nancy Wall 127
Jenny Copeland 126
Beverly North 120
Sandra French 112
Kimberly Bixby 104
Joanie Snaith 101

Witnessing Wednesday – Top Witness spreading the message Sandra French 13 people
Honorable Mentions go out to

Michelle Mast 10 people
Renee Triesler 10 people
Jenny Copeland 9 people
Heather Lefoll 9 people
Mary Smith McKenzie 7 people
Mintra Lewis 7 people
Sandra Brooks 7 people
Alex and Judy Fanjul 6 people
Kimberly Bixby 5 people
Joanie Snaith 5 people
Janet Gregory O’Mara 5 people

Thundering Thursday – Who scheduled the most people for an Interactive Experience with the company.  Top Person Is Sandra French 4 people
Honorable Mentions go out to

Mary Smith McKenzie 3 people
Joelle Auble 3 people
Mintra Lewis 3 people
Alex and Judy Fanjul 3 people
Stephano Pace 3 people
Antony Ngere 2 people
Michelle Mast 2 people

Congrats to everyone that ran on our little contest and helped inspire each of us.  This list is far from conclusive and it’s only based off of numbers that I got turned it to me. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  Each of of these Directors are true leaders.  They are in the trenches leading by example.  They are each amazing people and if you are fortunate to get to work with EITHER of them one on one you are working with one of the best in the home business industry PERIOD!  From the bottom of my heart thank you to each of you for inspiring me to keep working each day.  Working for the little rewards so we can reach the big goals.

But for you and your own life, this was just a silly little example of some thing that’s fun and easy to do.  I made my calls and did my interviews along side of them.  I posted my numbers with them why? Because it’s really lonely going through life alone.  Find out what motivates you and use it with the team around you, even if it’s just one or two or hundreds. You will create little rewards to work toward and there is always accountability in a group. One day you wake up and realize each little step added up got you to the destination.

Do you have things to work toward?
Stacy O’Quinn

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