How do you make a difference?


Have you ever wanted to make a difference? Have you had a desire help others?  Would you like to make a BIG IMPACT?  How fun would it be just know that you really did have a strategic way to systematically make the world a better place?

The truth is you can but first you have to know why you want to make the world a better place?  Then you have to equip yourself to help.  Personally I have a soft spot for the extreme poor and children.  Children and the extreme poor are voiceless and therefore in many ways helpless.  Alone I can’t make much of an impact but in business as I succeed, and recruit others that have the same passion together we can have a much greater impact.

First things first, you can’t be feeling sorry for yourself and being a victim of life. You can’t offer charity if you are the current charity? Instantly the enemy has silenced you with fear and depression.  Here’s a recent article I wrote on that.

We will all have our struggles, but our struggles are meant to help shape us so we are better equipped to help others.  Our struggles are suppose to help define our success not stop or block our success.  Once you are making forward progress then you must start small.  If you want to multiply your influence and your ability to help others there has to be a starting point.  Maybe you donate to a charity that you are passionate about, maybe to help children or some other need that God has placed on your heart.  Your first step to moving forward is being active and doing something.  Even if it’s just donating $35 or something small.

We want to multiply our efforts, our income, our successes and ability to help others.  You can’t multiply 0.  So you have to start with something.  You must make a decision to make a difference.  Proof of that decision is your actions. With decision there is always direction.


Join me, let’s help those that can’t help themselves.
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. To team up we don’t “have” to work together.  We can just spread the word together and team up in other ways.  Join us at and learn about a small community we are actively making a difference in.

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