How do You Meet Some of Greatest People on the Planet?


I’d like to introduce you to some of the greatest people I’ve ever met.  But first we must know what “Great” is.  How do you define it?  How does someone become GREAT? We could say that a Great person is someone who seeks to achieve all the greatness that God designed them for.  I believe this video I saw shared on facebook by a very success business woman explains “greatness” better than I can.  Make sure you have your speakers turned up and no background noise in the room your are in.  This video is not only a powerful message but it’s deep and applicable.


For me personally some of the greatest people I know are people who are pushing themselves.  People who accept a challenge to be more of who God called them to be.  They work hard, practice hard and play hard to achieve the dreams and desires that was placed deep in their heart.  People who don’t take no for an answer, people who give it their all for others and people who step up and step out to always do more.

I have had the ultimate pleasure to work with a small group of individuals.  We will see some of the greatest transformations together.  We will see some of the greatest impact together.  We will see some of the greatest accomplishments together.  Each one of the following people  have decided that opposition can’t stop them.  Life can’t get in the way any more.  Now is the season and now is the time. 

If you know any of the following people you know someone who is incredibly GREAT!

Andrea DeRego
Anthony Ellis
Belinda Peirce
Brenda Rhoten
Brian Burke
Candice Thompson
Dawn Siguenze
Glenn Siguenza
Dianne McGuigan
Dorothy Graham
Gary Mach
Joanie Snaith
Jon Wells
Karen Cormier
Kim Tamming
Lara Miller
Lily Obrien
Margaret Morency
Mary Mckenzie
Merry Lynn Shephard
Steve Shephard
Mintra Lewis
Olivia Snyder
Patty Stuart
Paula Kimbark
Salome Reeves
Tracie Warren
Jackie O’Quinn

It’s an honor to get to work with each person on this list.  To be inspired, encouraged and blown away by people who still believe you can be come all that God designed you to be.  Many people heard the call and had the tug on their heart, but these are the only ones that really really made a deep commitment through their effort.

Remember you never judge an individual on what they say.  You only judge the fruit they produce.  These are some of the greatest men and women because of the fruit they choose to produce.

You to can choose to be GREAT,
Stacy O’Quinn

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