How Many You Bring to the Top is Important


I just got back from a trip in Nicaragua and while I was there and saw some amazing beauty two things came to mind.  With such stunning beauty there must be a God to paint the mountains, seas and sunsets.  How else is it possible?  Second, moments like that are meant to be shared with close friends.


There is a really dumb statement out there and you may have heard of it?  “It’s lonely at the top!”  Well the fact is, IT SHOULDN’T BE.  Living a life you’ve only dreamed of before takes hard work but if you are getting there the real question is who are you helping to get there with you?  How many people are you impacting?  Of course not everyone will do the work, but what about those that are willing to work and those that are doing the work but just need some help.  Simple guidance but in a way that you care for someone else.

With the opening of the Executive Mentor Group I’m helping as many as I humanly can get there because….

The fact is success breeds success and the more you can get to the top with you A) it will never be lonely and B) there will always be more opportunities as a group to always reach that new horizon.  Life should be a fun journey and a journey you enjoy so well you live each day to the fullest.  The truth is you and I get to live that way if we want to.


Together Life Can Be More Fun,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S.  More details about the Executive Mentor Group for those already part of Coastal Travel will be coming VERY SOON! Stay Tuned…

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