How the Executive Mentorship Will Work?


This year as I get to work with and develop a small group of moms and dads, grand-moms and grand-dads one thing is certain.  2013 will be the year your life will never be the same.  Stress, frustration, lack and struggling to make it from one week to the next is almost over and it’s going to be one hell of an adventure for all of us.  Welcome Aboard!

If it’s not fun what are we doing it for?  If it’s not strategic, specific and lucrative what the heck are we wasting our time for?  Having a legitimate work from home business is only half the battle to a 6 figure income.  The “How To” is important, actually with out that what you have is a great idea, to get excited about and a great place to sink money into but nothing solid to stick your teeth in.

Over the last 7 and half years I’ve successfully worked from home making a multiple 6 figure income thanks to what I’ve learned in Dani Johnson’s training.  I’ve worked with several people who have been able to make a ton of wealth.  To pay of debt, travel the world, give it away and buy nicer cars and homes.

People like…

John in PA who made $9,600 in his first 30 days

Capri in OR made $119,000 in her first year.

Jennifer in MT made $92,000 her first year.

Michelle in CA made about $54,000 her first year.

Stephen in LA made $45,000 in his first 4 months.

Just to name a few….

I know what it takes to succeed, now it’s time for the first time ever to systematically and strategically make this available to every one that is willing to step up and step out because no one is going to take care of you and your family other than you and God.  He can provide the opportunity but faith is action, you must take the steps.

The Executive Mentor Group, will be meeting weekly and monthly as well as one on one meeting daily as needed.  I will be working with a select group who is willing to do take action to make sure this year is their last year to stress and struggle.  I will show you how to use the EXACT same advertising firms to get your clients.  The websites are set up for you and they are the EXACT same one’s I use daily.  I will lay out 110% of what I do and we will walk that path together so you never have to walk this path again.  If you ever lose your way, we will work together to get you back on track.


This is going to be AMAZING!
Stacy O’Quinn

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