How to Avoid Scam/Hype/Lies?


This is a question I get often.  How to avoid scams, hype, and lies?  I’ve wrote many articles on this subject and there are quite a few ways to tell the truth.  But recently on Facebook I had an exchange with a really awesome guy but in that conversation I talked about what holds most people back is their past experience.  The bottom line, to avoid a scam on the internet or any kind of information you buy, or any investment you look into you must follow the results.  Dani Johnson is famous for teaching documentation beats conversation.  But there is one thing that blocks most people from even finding the documentation in the first place.  That is their experiential truth!

I first learned about this in very vivid detail at an advanced training even Dani Johnson did.  Then I was able to look at my own life and see how I made judgments based on my past experience but our experience is not always reality.  It’s just a temp. result for a brief moment in time and not something that we should use (which most people do) to pass judgment on events and/or opportunities for the rest of our life.  Think about it, a politician that fails to get elected to office.  Will either try again or he will not.  What is the difference in the two?

The one who does not run has convinced himself based off of his past experience he cannot win an election for whatever reasons. (money, influence, etc)  The one who runs again still believes he can win!  Which one still has a chance to succeed?  Which one doesn’t?

Below follows the conversation on Facebook!  I’ve changed the name and removed the picture to protect the innocent.

Jo Walker March 4 at 3:16pm Been trying to find a way to “cover the bills” and not have to be away for 6 months of the year. Something that would get that done, as long as I have a internet connection would be great. If that something were to do more than just “cover the bills” then I could be able to do a lot more. Unfortunately, I’ve only encountered hype for online income thus far.
Stacy O’Quinn March 5 at 9:45am
Jo, now you have an interesting dilemma. How do you tell hype from truth?
Jo Walker March 5 at 11:22am You’re right Stacy. How much effort goes into establishing a product’s perceived value?
Stacy O’Quinn March 5 at 12:00pm
I’m not following the last comment, because preception is not reality. The reason I asked you about the hype vs truth is most people determine hype when it crosses the line on what their actual experience allows them to believe. Like Dani Johnson, teaches experential truth shapes our beliefs but it’s not actually the truth.

Couple of facts. In my home business I made 23,000 dollars last month. Fact, I bought my current home last year and paid cash for it. Fact, most people’s brain can’t wrap around that. So for instance when I prospect in my home business using dani johnson’s script books of course (I’m like a robot) people occasionally ask me how much money I make. I’ve learned to never tell them exactly because they instantly call it “hype/lie/scam”.

Today I’ve learned to not “pass” what they believe is possible. I just say I make a good full time income and it’s the only way i make a living for my family. That way if they are used to making 25K a year. They believe I’m making a little better than that and it’s still within their realm of belief. If they are making 80K a year they believe I’m natually making a little better than that. They assume how much I’m must be making based off of their experences in life. Like most people “hype” is based off of belief which may or may not be truth.

Jo Walker March 5 at 3:51pm good answer Stacy. with facts and numbers like what you said, you have my attention. my question is….how?


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Paul Nash says:

    Stacy: I loved your reply to Jo Walker. You are correct, regardless what you tell people, if its really good, people will not believe you……Tell them how bad it is and they seem to enjoy or glut or believe you….I think you handled your situation with Jo very well. One day I too may have your story. PN

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