How To Boost Your Income Now!


What is one thing that has the ability to boost your income right now?

Jackie O’Quinn followed this one tip and made 15,000 dollars

Lorraine Rodman, who had been laid off from Rolls Royce did this and made 2,000 dollars right away

Jon from PA, after closing the doors to his construction firm did this and earned 9,600 dollars in one month

Angela Lasher doing this just last month as a single mom with three kids made over 19,400 dollars.

What is this one tip?

It’s the leadership of our team in Coastal Travel doing what has been working for them for over 3 and a half years. That’s applying Dani Johnson’s training event called First Steps to Success to our DFI training. It’s that model that allowed our team to grow 23% last month during November. During a recession, during a war and during the holidays.

NOW Something Incredible is about to happen. It’s actually open to all of DFI, Coastal and the Public at Large.

Our Leadership will be doing specific training just on our business model and how it relates to DFI at the next First Steps event in St. Louis in January.

Go here to get the ticket info. The price is going up soon so get your ticket NOW!

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