How to Build Wealth Off of the Tiger Woods Scandal!


In one man’s folly there is an opportunity for another to find gold. If you have a TV or radio you have undoubtedly heard about Tiger Woods’s alleged infidelity. While it is a travesty for any person or family to go through it is painful to watch as well. Someone who had it all crashes and burns and it’s a public spectacle for all to watch. There are two things you have to understand if you are going to build wealth. Block out the noise and be reminded of the traits that are great that lead someone to success.

As Tiger Woods’s struggles with his transgressions and deeply personal issues it would be easy for most of us to sit and judge and dwell on, but let’s look at it differently. Building wealth is about seeing what others never noticed even if it’s obvious. Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers in the world and right now no one is talking about his golf game. If we want to succeed we have to find models. And in some areas of Tiger’s life it’s fair to say with what the media has reported we certainly don’t want to model. The qualities that made him a great golfer can make you wealthy as well and we should not ignore that.

Now we are not talking about his golf game, that’s pure talent. We all have talent. Every single one of us has our own God given talents. But what makes Tiger such a great golfer is his drive, desire and persistence. It’s been well reported that when he’s focusing on golf he is not researching or trying to figure things out. He is practicing! Practicing is an action. Thinking is inaction. We have all thought of ways to make more money or build wealth. If we actually put our talents and thoughts into action the results would be different. Most well meaning people never get past the thinking stage and there for never develop results.

Tiger Woods does not just play golf often, he is dedicated to it. He practices relentlessly even though he’s the greatest in the world at putting a little round ball into a tiny cup. Do you think he knew he would be one of the wealthiest sports stars of all times? Probably not but he knew he would do well at gold because he made the decision to put an extreme amount of effort and be diligent at it. Find something you can do great and treat it like Tiger treats golf. Even has he slips and falls right now there still very positive things we can take from an example that Tiger Woods gives.

As a side note, I’ve never been a huge Tiger Woods fan but if we are judging, it is very difficult to be in action mode. Judgment is a slippery slope, once you judge someone right or wrong you cut off your ability to see the good things in them. That would hinder your ability to model what made them successful and learn from it.

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