Only 3 Viable Lead Companies in the Home Business Industry


Does calling leads work in your home based business?  This is something I hear a lot from people that work from home.  Typical sales people in insurance, mortgage or any other type of business that generates sales primarily over the phone rely heavily on leads.  Many times these professions will pay 30-50 dollars a lead and they will have less than a 10% closing ratio.  Guess what?  Many of them make 6 FIGURES  A YEAR.  But then people in the home business industry whether it’s Direct Sales, MLM or Network Marketing are always wandering if it works.

To make matters worse is there are even people precieved as “LEADERS” who tell horror stories of people who called leads and spent 10s of 1,000s of dollars and did not make any money.  Is it possible?  Technically it is but if sales is just a numbers game which all forms of home businesses are sales even if it’s indirectly, then you can’t not have made money calling 1,000’s of people.  It’s called an exaggeration!!!  So how come it works for some and not others?  I’m going to share with you some specific tips that we have used over the last several years and how we have been able to succeed working from home and making a lucrative income.  This month building our business almost exclusively with leads that we bought we’ve generated 26,410 dollars.  I don’t share that to brag but to impress upon you that if someone told you it does not work they clearly miss spoke!

-Heck Cadie Kalmes MN a stay home mom I’ve had the pleasure of working along side of the last couple of years has built her busienss the same way and she made 10,705 dollars last week alone.

-Angela Lasher from PA a stay home mom as well has generated 29,000 dollars in the last 13 weeks, guess what?  By calling leads.

-Tara Hayes in MI, a college student has generated 30,000 dollars in the last 5 months working part time from home calling leads.

Ok so what does it take to be successful at calling leads.  FIRST and foremost you have to have a reliable source of leads.  Most of us don’t have the skill set or can’t generate leads fast enough own our own.  I’ve been writing this blog and I literally get 3 or 4 leads a month.  So if you want to work from home and make a ton of money fill out the form on the right hand side of the page and I’ll call you 🙂  Now that I did a shameless plug, let’s talk about lead sources.  Most people don’t realize that there are really only a very few viable sources to get leads from on the Internet.  Currently there are 3 primary companies.

1. Cutting Edge Media: For years they were the exclusive provider of home business leads generated on the Internet.  Today they are good, they only generate generic advertising unfortunately.  Which is OK if you are just starting out to practice with them.

2.  Snap Response/ Earnpro:  These guys are excellent I’ve built most of my income this year off of their advertising.  They used to resale CEM leads a couple of years ago but today they generate there own leads exclusively.  There advertising is unique because it tends to tap into markets that other lead companies can’t seem to reach.  You’d have to call their leads to understand what I mean by that.

3. Prime Media Store/ Responsivedata: One of the best providers of leads available today.  I’m currently running most of my advertising campaigns through  They have incredible customer support and features on their leads like pause and unpause so you are talking to people in real time when you are working. 

-Networker Central:  Was a great company that provided a great product.  Unfortunately the owner sold the company several years ago and was retained on a 3 year retainer fee to stay in place.  Most recently she has decided not to renew her retainer contract and has left, and Network Central has decided to close their doors as of June.  If you were accustomed to their leads and how they operated as a company Primemedia store would be your next alternative.  Their lead delivery system is very similar.

-MLM Lead Genie:  This company generates cheap leads but I’ve NEVER had success with them.  In my own research I’ve discovered that a lot of their leads are incentivized.  I don’t recommend this company, people tend to seem to be filling out info on line to win something for nothing.  Those people are horrible leads but cheap to generate.

-Peak Impact:  These guys have stopped generating most of their own leads.  Lots of times their leads are resold from another source or leads that bought info for another program and back-out, so their info is resold.  They used to be good but recently went down hill over the last year or two.  If you have any positive recent experience I’d like to hear it.

– Other Lead Companies:  There are no other major players in the home based business lead industry.  There maybe someone trying to start own their own every week it seems like someone new is trying something out there.  Most lead companies do not generate there own leads, they simply resale someone else’s.  I’d avoid these “Shell” companies all together and there are literally tons of them on the net.  Usually you are paying a higher price for a product you can get cheaper else were, plus the customer service at a “shell” company can’t control quality.   You want to work with a provider that provides a great product and is constantly improving on it.

So today we have talked about calling leads and first and foremost we discussed having a quality source.  The above companies don’t pay me for my recommendations 🙂  You will notice no affiliate links.  I believe in what I’m sharing with you, it’s how we’ve made a living over the last 5 years we’ve generated a 6 Figure Income every year we’ve worked from home.  I will share some successful techniques to actually calling leads and building a business in my next post.  If you want to get the next update then put your email in on this page.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


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  4. warren says:

    Mr.Stacy: Great honest blog.Thanks for the information about lead companies and what they have to offer in relation to quality and result. Im a fellow believer in the industry of mlm and the home base busineess.I applaude and apprecriate your success with lead calling and have been promoting and believing in leads for years,but didnt have any insight to were the companies that have quality leads existed..I ranked them all the same and just worked thru the bad ones.MR.Stacy can you email the follow up blog or information about your successful techniques on actual calling leads and building a business that you mention on the 3 viable lead companies blog.May God Bless You With More.Warren

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