How to Create a 2nd Stream of Income


To successfully build a second stream of income in your spare time two things are required.  First a solid path developed through training and training that has been proven to guide others successfully.  Anytime you do something new there is a learning curve and that learning curve needs to be surpassed quickly for quick results.  Second you must be able to generate profits quickly if you are going to have a lucrative income. 

 Training is the single biggest factor that will determine if you succeed or fail.  The training that you go through must be clear and have results of people working successfully.  In DFI we require everyone go through Dani Johnson’s training.  As long as you use Dani Johnson and her training as the base formula for success you could not be starting in a better position.  Our entire company is modeled and molded after what she teaches in her advanced trainings.  Why?  Simple, because her training stacked with a lucrative company has proven results.  Results include people like…

Capri Mulder in OR, in her first thirty days has generated 19,300 dollars

Jon in PA, $9,600 dollars in his first month

Shawn in CA made $50,000 100 days after Dani Johnson’s Training with DFI

The final thing you must have is the ability to generate profits quickly and the bigger the better.  If you are going to sale a widget is it better to generate 1 dollar per widget or 10 dollars per widget?  Is it better to profit from that widget now or work hard today for a fantasy that may never happen next year?  Many times people work from home to build a lucrative income they hope to pay them in the future.  Many times that upfront blood, sweat and tears never pays off.  DFI has been working with a company that pays the highest profit margins upfront of any company in the home business industry.

If you have quick profits and simple straight forward training that has created results.  You are definitely on the right track and producing a second stream of income from home.  Now get focused and be committed to your dreams and your dreams can become your reality.

 To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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