How to Develop a 6 Figure Income Earner


How can you help someone else develop a 6 figure income?  What can you possibly do to help someone make as much money as most doctors and lawyers?  There are a couple of things that must happen; first you have to have done it yourself.  It’s very difficult to teach someone how to do something you don’t have experience in.  That’s like it doesn’t make any sense to get a business degree and learn to run a business from a teacher that has never run a business.  A lot of people can teach theory but if you are going to teach someone practical concepts that work and will create results then you must teach what you have personal experience in.

Have you created a 6 Figure Income?  Do you have a simple system and method that someone else can follow to do the same thing and have the same results?  In our company I’ve created an incredible amount of success and I’ve helped others create success and make 6 Figure Incomes as well.  But the biggest benefit is a new person gets to learn what I or any other successful person in our company has done.  And it’s simple they can learn in it in a day or two and start developing their new income immediately.  That’s how Cadie Kalmes in MN joined our company and in 4 days had made $3,200 dollars.  It’s because she was able to follow the same process that I use every day.  Its how Cadie Kalmes teaches her newest trainee’s to succeed with our company.

So the system you teach must work, you must use it and you also should reveal the origin of your process so that new people better understand the concepts of what you do.  That’s imperative if they are going to have the belief to do what it takes to have the income that you’ve already developed.  In our company we rely heavily on Dani Johnson and her training.  Dani’s straight forward techniques on how to build a business and market anything has created more results than anyone I know of in Coastal Travel.  Dani Johnson’s Training works for any business but her training creates amazing results in the home business industry. 

I’m a product myself of the simple system that Dani Johnson teaches.  Coastal Travel has just simply become my vehicle.  It’s very simple to do what Dani Johnson teaches in Coastal Travel and create the results we have created.  Therefore developing another 6 figure income earner is simple as well if that person is willing to let you show them what you do and they are willing to follow the exact same process that has worked for you.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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