How to Earn 9,000+ as a teacher or in retail?


So often people who do really important jobs that are in demand and deeply needed can get to a place where they feel stuck financially.  Millions of people work in all aspects of early childhood education and retail.  Both jobs are extremely important and needed but just because you start life with a job. or go to school and get an education for a career.  When you feel the tug to move on and do something different you don’t have to feel stuck or in a dead in place!  Most things in life are seasonal including careers.  But sometimes you have to think outside of the box!

Take these two amazing women I’ve had the pleasure to watch grow develop and I’ve been able to work side by side with them.  Ms Dorothy Graham and Ms Joanie Snaith, both are amazing women in their 30’s and while they had jobs that served society well it got to a point it didn’t serve their end goal that God had on their hearts.  Thankfully they didn’t feel stuck or in a dead in job, they got creative and thought outside of the box and started working from home.  Both of these women have generated over $9,700 this week separately and it’s only Wednesday.

Joanie Snaith from Alberta worked as a pre-school teacher and a waitress.  She’s a mom and a wife and previously was just looking for a way to do better financially and help her husband with the bills.  Plus she wanted to be able to travel and create memories with her hubby and kids.  She had a desire to get her kids focused on helping and giving back to the less fortunate, but first she had to make a decision to not be one of the less fortunate herself.

Dorothy Graham from Ontario previously worked in retail after growing up in a family of poverty.  Life got a rough start, she ended up in a relationship that didn’t go exactly as she expected it, things became abusive, but Dorothy is an overcomer.  She left that relationship and in her 30’s had to move back in with her parents.  No adult wants to be in that position.  Today Dorothy, without relying on someone else to take care of her decided to do something different. Her job and her situation didn’t stop her or hold her back. 

Both Joanie and Dorothy have done something many will never do. They got creative, determined and motivated to improve their situations.  Both women started a home business and today have inspired thousands with their stories.  Just this week both both earned more in a couple of days then they would have earned in a couple of months in their last careers.  We need more examples like them in our life.  Women who are overcomers and achievers are inspirational send a single to men and women everywhere.

God has created us for infinitely more but first we must decide we desire more!

Stacy O’Quinn

Disclaimer: This is where I have to tell you to not be a nut case and think business is a lottery ticket. It’s not.  Joanie and Dorothy’s results are atypical. If you don’t intend to work than get a job were you don’t have to show up or work and still get a check. If you don’t do anything with your business you might not earn anything. If you do more than Joanie or Dorothy did you could possibly earn more.  Obviously there is a risk with all businesses.

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