How to Find a Legitimate Home Based Business


A legitimate home based business is very different then the thousands of scams that you can find all over the Internet these days.  Most home based business opportunities on the Internet these days are asking for money upfront for information promising what you will be able to do without having the information in your hand.  A real opportunity is not going to charge you for information.  In fact while a business may cost money all business do.  You should be able to get as many details as you want before you ever pay a single dime.  A legitimate home based business will allow you as a mom or a dad to work from home in your pajamas and under certain conditions still make a good living.

Now before you start a home business venture you must be honest with yourself.  Many people want to work from home and you know working in your pajamas is one thing.  But working with solid discipline is another.  You have to have your own self-discipline.  Many people can’t handle the freedom of taking breaks when they want, eating lunch or playing with the kids as often as they want because they never get any real work done.  So you must be honest with yourself.  If you have a legitimate home based business can you be self-disciplined.  Even though you don’t make a highway commute you must make a hallway commute.

So how do you know you have found a legitimate home based business?  It would be a venture that you feel comfortable with.  One where there are resources and tools available at your disposal that you feel good you can use.  Do you have the aptitude and basic skills it will take to succeed?  Many of your home based business scams on the Internet have you pay for something and you don’t even know what resources are in place.  Usually have you are buying an “e-book” or a program that is promising that once you download X program you will make money that is typically a sure sign of a scam.  Run and run as fast as you possibly can.

One of the best legitimate home based business opportunities out there would be one in which you feel you already have the ability and the tools to succeed.  How steep is the learning curve and is there a process to get your clients?  Can you see that it is lucrative and do you feel good that with your current skill set you can have some success?  DO you feel you can do this? If the answer is yes that you can do this and you know the resources are readily available and everything is transparent, open and laid out in an honest way chances are you have found the real deal!  Congratulations and we will see you at the TOP!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. We’ve been working from home almost 5 years now.  Our way is not the only way, avoid the crap and find what’s real and enjoy your deal!  Life is GREAT, let’s not spend it working for someone else!

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