How to Find the Right Legitimate Home Business


How to Find the Right, Legitimate Home Business

Finding the right home business that is going to work for you and you can assure is legitimate like all home businesses you have to know all the facts.  So the very first thing in finding a legitimate home business that is going to be the right fit for you and your family you need to ensure that the company you are working with is being upfront, transparent and honest.  Otherwise it’s impossible to get the facts.

The facts that you need to find the right legitimate home business is first you need to make sure you have the right product (it’s not what you think).  Second, you need to make sure you have the right pay plan and you need to control your income and not a company.  If a company is giving you your paycheck then you are a glorified employee and that company can stop paying you at any time.  Third and finally, you need the right training.  It can be in words it must be in practice.  If you have questions you need to know there are people you can call to get the right answers.

OK so first off the product is important for any legitimate home business.  The product must be viable first and foremost.  It’s great if it’s the best thing since sliced cheese but it doesn’t have to be.  The product does not have to be a product that people “need”.  Most people don’t buy what they need they buy what they want.  That’s how people end up in debt they buy what they want versus what they need in most cases.  People must want your product.  Your product must appeal to their desires that will improve their lives.  This is one of the reasons I work in the travel industry.  Who doesn’t want to travel?

Next, you need the right pay plan.  How much you get paid is very important but how you get paid is more important than what you get paid.  Simply put you but get paid upfront from your client FIRST.  Then you send the companies portion to the company and not all of the money, just so they can send you a paycheck.  The right legitimate company should not FORCE you to buy products in advance or auto-ship.  The right company should allow you to take orders first and then send the wholesale cost into the company.  And you should get paid fair for your time upfront.  Don’t buy into the hype of work really hard now so in the future you will be financially free.  You should see the fruit of your labor and see it before the company does.  What if the company stopped paying out one month?

Finally you will need the right training and the training must be perfected and done in a very simple way so that people are always provided the help they need to succeed.  The training process must be extremely simple and it must have created results.  Someone with no business experience working part time from home should be able to plug into the training and create results.  Those results must be very real.  Look for the “LIVE REAL IN PERSON” kind of testimonies.  Not something that could have been recorded years ago.  Those stories are good to hear but make sure you have a way of hearing from real people.  There is less chance of the right legitimate home business being passed over if you know real people RIGHT NOW are making real money.  Not one here and one over there.

Good luck in your efforts looking for the right legitimate home business.  On my next post I will update you on more specific details of REAL TRAINING and what specifics to look for.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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